Class Schedule

A Taste of Blacksmithing

  • Entry level
  • 3 hrs
  • Sat or Sun 10-1pm

"A Taste of Blacksmithing" class is for those that are just starting out working with metal but can't commit to a several day class.  In this class students will be walked through how to make such things as bottle openers, bracelets, hooks, key ring clips, letter openers, cheese knives, and other equally functional pieces of art.

Youth Summer Program

  • Entry Level
  • Ages 14-17
  • Sat & Sun 
  • Please contact for time and price 

Starting June 15th we will be offering a Youth Summer Program on the weekends for 14-17 year olds. Students will be taken step by step through the projects we assign. We will be making such things as coat racks, fire place tools, hooks, and candle stick holders. This summer is going to be a whole lot of fun!

Blacksmithing I

  • Entry level
  • Wed 6-9pm
  • Fri 6-9pm
  • Sat 2-5pm
  • Sun 2-5pm
  • Open Lab

In the "Blacksmithing I" class students will be taken step by step through select fundametals of metalsmithing.  This class is split into (4) three hour long sessions plus lab.  We teach each student how to forge various small projects and elements such as bracelets, hooks, leaves, scrolls, flowers, etc. and then take those skills to fabricate the final project.  Final projects can include trivets, bathroom sets (towel bar, toilet paper holder, hooks), fireplace pokers/sets, pot wracks, lighting and brackets.

*Please note: Not everything on the lists above are covered in every class and the things we make are not limited to the lists. These are just some examples of projects that we assign and skills we cover and walk you through.  For more information check out requirements and the calendar for available dates.


All Women Class

  • Entry Level
  • Women only
  • On Demand

Upon demand we will be holding blacksmithing classes for women, taught by women. The same material as the other classes will be covered. It's a great introduction to metalworking in a supportive, empowering environment. Absolutely no experience is needed for any of the classes we are offering at this time.