Class Schedule

A Taste of Blacksmithing

  • Entry level
  • 3 hrs
  • Sun 11-2pm

"A Taste of Blacksmithing" class is for those that are just starting out working with metal but can't commit to a several day class.  In this class students will be walked through how to make such things as bottle openers, bracelets, hooks, cheese knives, and other equally functional pieces of art.

Basic Blacksmithing


•Entry level

•Fri 6-9pm
•Sat 4-7pm
•Sun 4-7pm
•Open Lab

In the "Blacksmithing I" class students will be taken step by step through select fundametals of metalsmithing.  This class is split into (3) three hour long sessions plus lab.  We teach each student how to forge various small projects and elements then take those skills to fabricate the final project.

Make Your Own Tools


This class is specificially designed for students of the Wooden Boat School.